New Media Solutions and Virtual Production Company

Cgangs is a technology-based new media solutions company, specialising in content creation and professional live-streaming turnkey solutions for the web. The team operates with a staff of more than 120 people from offices in Singapore, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

We are dedicated to offer our knowledge, services and solutions to help you produce your digital video experiences in the best quality while meeting your business goals. Our 3D virtual production and live streaming workflows are designed to make content creation faster and more effective for this new normal.

cgangs live streaming

Live streaming to social media for events, workshops or content creation.

• 3d Virtual studio/ production
• On-site video encoding/ streaming
• Studio video streaming
• Multi-camera live production
• Wireless internet solutions

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Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and 360 video content creation.

• Live Augmented Reality
• Virtual studio
• 360 video production

• Simulated Augmented Reality
• 360 video training and solutions
• Live 360 video streaming

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Live AR

Virtual Studio

360 Video

Fast content creation for new media platforms.

• Fast video content creation
• E-commerce photography
• E-commerce product videos
• Video post-production
• Video production
• Event videography and coverage
• Visual effects/ motion graphics

Our Solutions

The core members were system integrators in the broadcast industry for more than fifteen years. In 2012, we embarked on VR, working with various rigs and eventually developing our own cameras and perfecting the craft of filming in the 360° environment. We have developed and equipped ourselves with tools for the creation of high-quality content and making them available as turnkey solutions for businesses. If you are looking to purchase solutions or build your own production team, we provide consultation and solutions for VR and video live streaming.

Industries Served

Cgangs has produced both traditional and 360 video projects for established multinational enterprises to start-up companies; always fully involved from the conceptualisation to the execution, aligning every aspect with the objectives of each client.

With a network across three countries, our in-depth knowledge and insights to each unique market served as valuable intelligence in formulating the communications strategies with our clients.

Music & Entertainment

vr360 live streaming for Big Bang band in Macau
Big Bang World Tour 2015


Singapore Fashion Week 2016


VR360 live streaming for Baidu conference
Baidu Technology Innovation Conference

Travel & Tourism

Sights & Sounds of S.E. Asia – Singapore Discovery Centre


360vr live streaming for China Open Tennis Championship
China Open 2015


First VR Jing Ju (VR360 Chinese Opera)
Chinese Musical

Media & Television

Mediacorp VR Storytelling

Live Entertainment

Let’s Celebrate 2019


360vr live stream bentley SUV launch
Bentley SUV Launch Party

Our Clients