CgangsVR brings first-ever Live 360 Video experience to SFW and DFW 2016

Fans of the latest fashion trends can catch the action live on a catwalk at Singapore Fashion Week and Digital Fashion Week with a first-ever 360 video showcase that gives them a virtual reality (VR) experience of a front row seat.

Produced by Singapore-based media company CgangsVR, it will enable viewers to watch live events at the five-day show, as if they were right there. They can look around the venue with true 360-degree freedom, enjoying unprecedented access to the yearly fashion event wherever they are.

All they have to do is log on to the Digital Fashion Week website on their PCs, tablets or smartphones. Using their mouse or finger, they can move around the screen to view the live shows or interviews with designers at National Gallery Singapore.

Users with a compatible VR headset can access an even more immersive experience. They can enjoy the content with an enclosed 360-degree panoramic view that transports them to the event itself.

As an event partner for Digital Fashion Week, CgangsVR is providing technical expertise, production services as well as creative content consultancy for the show, which kicks off on October 26.

“What we value most from CgangsVR is the deep technical know-how they bring to the table, enabling us to offer new immersive VR experiences and reach out to a larger audience, said Charina Widjaja, managing director of DFW Creative, which organises Digital Fashion Week.

“Despite the technology being relatively new, it can already provide users an experience unlike any they have seen before,” said Alvin Lim, co-founder and partner of CgangsVR.

“For the promise of VR to be realised in the coming years, what we need are deep technical know-how, extensive experience in live 360-degree streaming and the ability to creatively make use of the platform,” he added.

CgangsVR will be recording and streaming live 360 videos throughout the show as it progresses. Five custom-built 360 video cameras, one of their kind in the industry, will be covering two venues at the event, bringing three to four shows a day, with each lasting between 45 minutes and an hour.

Broadcast-quality 360 video 

To provide a superior virtual experience to viewers, CgangsVR is using proven 360 video cameras and broadcast management systems that have been utilised in large-scale 360 video productions in China.

Key to each shoot are a custom-built cinematic 360 video camera, which comes with multiple lenses to record videos from various angles. It also features frame synchronisation, real-time stitching and optical fibre transmission capabilities.

Unlike prosumer cameras that many production companies rely on today, CgangsVR’s camera system provides vastly superior user experiences, especially when meeting the challenges of 360 frame-stitching on the fly and transmitting high-bandwidth data live to viewers.

What also sets CgangsVR apart is a panoramic multi-camera broadcast management system that provides a real-time preview of the feed that is being sent out. As part of a live 360-degree video streaming and system setup, it enables a quantum leap in delivering optimal video quality.

Live events, virtually

CgangsVR’s truly broadcast-standard system has been proven to deliver superior 360-degree experiences to thousands of users during the China Open 2015 tennis event, Big Bang 2015 World Tour concert and more than 80 other events since 2013.

The company is seeking to bring 360 video to the region, by deploying its technology for live event productions in Asia-Pacific.

For example, it can be deployed in various areas of a venue, including near the stage, an VIP area, among the audience and even backstage, to offer an all-access experience for users.

With years of traditional production experience, CgangsVR is also able to bring into play innovative systems for a live 360 video or VR event. Drone-based cameras, suspended skycams and a mobile rig that provides a roving 360-degree view deliver the promise of a more immersive experience to users everywhere.

About CgangsVR

Cgangs International, better known as CgangsVR, is a Singapore media company that focuses on virtual reality video content creation, live broadcast services and video content delivery. From planning and capture to post-production and delivery, the team’s 360-degree services are backed by years of industry experience across the entire workflow. It is the international partner for Cgangs in China, which has produced entertainment content for live events run by clients such as LeTV, Baidu, Alibaba, China Fashion Week, TenCent and China Open 2015. For more information, visit

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