Mo-Sys has an unbreakable reputation for designing and building innovative camera technology products for film and broadcast, including camera tracking, broadcast robotics and virtual production hardware.

Providing expertise and technical development. Whether is it for a live on-air production, the latest Netflix series, or bespoke projects such as the work on the academy award-winning film Gravity, Mo-Sys always ensure their systems are successfully installed and optimized for production.


The first optical solution built from the ground up to address in-studio camera tracking.

StarTracker is an absolute system that always knows where it is that is suitable for both AR and VR. With no technician required, StarTracker could be the perfect tracking technology for projects.

Features and capabilities

The system looks at “stars”; which are small, identical retro-reflective stickers – the same reflective material that could be found on emergency vehicles. These stickers are randomly applied to the studio ceiling or the lighting grid. No additional structure is required. They do not have to conform to any pattern and can vary in height. The “stars” are hardly visible to the naked eye. A small LED sensor, mounted on the studio camera, shines light on the stars. This defines the star map, which allows the StarTracker to report the position and orientation of the studio camera in real-time to the rendering engine.


Highly integrated tracking heads for virtual set use.

The e-Sensor is a simple pan and tilt head that has been designed for virtual sets. They are based on the popular Cartoni fluid heads. All electronics are inside the head, including the electronics for lens encoding.


No additional boxes and no mains power are required at the head. The backlash-free direct sensing without any gears or play makes them ideal for telephoto lenses in sport broadcast. They come with an extremely high resolution of more than four million counts per revolution.

Lens Encoding

Serial cable or bolt-on encoders.

We can encode virtually any type of lens for film and broadcast with a direct digital interface to Canon, Fujinon, Cooke and Panavision, or with the bolt-on spring loaded external encoders that are easily fitted to the lens. The bolt-on lens encoders are uniquely slim and low profile to fit any lens without obstruction.

Jimmy Jib Tracking Kit​

Bolt-on encoding kit for Jimmy Jib. A solution to encode Jimmy Jib cranes, jib arm and head, using the high-resolution absolute encoders.

Compact solution

There is no need to change the motors, as the encoders are mounted directly which, in turn, results in no gearing and, therefore, zero backlash. But, a word of warning: because the Jimmy Jib has a very flexible arm it doesn’t lend itself to the use of virtual graphics. The flex in the arm is not taken into account by the encoders and it is possible to get a visible mismatch or drift if the arm is swung too fast. If you want a fully encoded crane for your virtual studio, the better solution is the e-Crane with its rigid arm and accurate data output.