Nanguang CN-D672 LED Studio Lighting


  • Powerful soft light panel with dimmer control, DMX controller and Wi-fi.
  • The panel shines brightly and evenly over its entire surface.┬áThe light is soft and non-dazzling with a stable colour temperature for the entire adjustment range.
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Product Description

Product Features

LED soft studio light

Power: 135W

Power source: 220-240V

Color temperature: 5600K Brightness: 5105LM

Brightness control: Dimmer/DMX/2.4G

Size: 660mm*550mm*130mm

Nanlite (Nanguang) CN-D672 5600K – LED panel with a pre-installed ultra-soft stray light filter. Power – 135 watts. Brightness adjustment: Manual (buttons), DMX-512, 2.4G. The model is ideal for small and medium-sized studios. The lamp is suitable for shooting interviews of varying complexity thanks to professional portrait lighting. Can be mounted on the ceiling. Nanlite (Nanguang) CN-D672 5600K is characterized by low heat generation, which, in turn, significantly extends the useful life. On the rear panel of the lamp, there is a convenient brightness control system from 0 to 100%. There is no change in light temperature when the brightness is changed.