Pro Cyc Green Screen PC160


  • 3 – American Grip™ junior heavy-duty combo stands with a max height of 10 ft. 4 in.  Each stand is modified with holes safety cables every six inches
  • 2 – Rolls of Pro Matte® IV, 80″ wide (2.032 meters) and 24 feet (7.315 meters) long each
  • 2 – 80″ powder-coated aluminium crossbars with the overlapping top section and proprietary thumbscrew securing mechanism
  • Pro Matte® IV is reusable, durable and easily cleaned with common household cleaner (e.g. Fantastik, 409) or soap and water
  • The green surface is textured for very low reflectance
  • Proprietary crossbar secures the green screen and is fitted with holes every twelve inches for affixing back lighting
  • No residue double face tape is also available which sticks well to clean surfaces but will not leave a residue.  This can be used to adhere to the Pro Matte® IV to the floor to prevent movement or change in the cove radius

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Product Description

The PC160 is 160 inches (13 ft. 4 in.) wide. The new portable green screen series enables users to construct a professional quality green screen with a full wall-to-floor sweep on location or in the studio within minutes. Each green screen is adjustable in height from 6 ft. up to 10 ft. 4 in. Utilizing our revolutionary Pro Matte® IV digital green flooring, we have achieved a seamless wall to floor cove transition that has heretofore been virtually impossible to accomplish without building a hard cyc. Pro Matte® IV is extremely durable, has very low reflectance and is easily cleaned with standard household cleaners like Fantastik®, 409® or regular soap and water. In addition to the height is adjustable, the length can also be trimmed to fit any size studio or space requirement. When finished, the green screen disassembles and stores quickly for the next use.