Empowering Fashion:

First ‘Live’ 360 Video Broadcast in Singapore

Singapore Fashion Week (SGFW) is a high profile fashion event that showcases world-class collections by top and emerging designers and labels. Since 2012, SGFW is the only fashion week in the world which features established and emerging regional and homegrown designers and labels alongside the world’s most iconic international designers.
In 2016, Digital Fashion Week, the digital division of the SGFW, engaged CgangsVR to support in the event with live 360 video broadcast for the first time, providing viewers worldwide front row access to SGFW. Bolstered by the collective digital reach of social media key opinion leaders from DFW’s Insiders Programme, SGFW 2016 saw an amplified reach of its content both locally and internationally.

“What we value most from CgangsVR is the deep technical know-how they bring to the table, enabling us to offer new immersive VR experiences and reach out to a larger audience.”
– Charina Widjaja, Managing Director, DFW

Technology Enabler

Tapping on LIVE streaming, 360 virtual reality and multi-camera LIVE feed technologies, DFW successfully established itself as the leading digital fashion portal for this generation’s fashion lovers.

Multi-angle approach to content marketing

Quality content is key to the digital marketing age. By translating the myriad of fashion week activities into bite-size social media content over a time period maximizes the investment. Besides letting viewers access the fashion weeks’ shows, behind the scenes & rehearsals, there was also an eCommerce element in the form of shoppable runway collaborations.

360 Multi-camera setup

Unlike early generation 360 video productions, Cgangs adopted the use of multiple camera set-ups to create a more dynamic ‘live’ 360 video viewing experience.

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