Virtual Studio

Virtual studio production incorporates broadcasting with real-time visual effects, advanced real-time compositing tools and its proprietary keying technology, allowing you to present your story through a visually stunning broadcast.

Turn your ideas into Reality

With our professional 3D virtual studio sets, we help you to turn your ideas into reality! The virtual studio utilises a green screen to key out talents and places them in a virtual environment.

How It Works

We use Zero Density products for our virtual studio sets – Reality Engine® and Reality Keyer®.

Reality Engine® is a real-time Broadcast Compositing System that enables hyper-realistic rendering and compositing in Unreal Engine. We create, control, produce in one single system to provide Real-time production.

Reality Keyer®, image-based keyer works on GPU, enables very precise chromakeying including hair and soft shadows, blending the talent seamlessly into the virtual set and creating high-quality graphic fidelity.

Cgangs is an official partner reseller for the following brands of broadcasting hardware and software solutions. Contact us for your virtual studio production needs.

Virtual Studio Production Services

Virtual studio production allows you to get your video content online faster than traditional post-production workflow while delivering a high level of visual quality. We are the official production and solutions company, supported by Zero Density, that delivers this level of sophistication for live streaming and online content production in Singapore. Get in touch for virtual studio solutions, content conceptualisation, production and project implementation.

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