Cgangs designs VR training programme for Mediacorp

We are pleased to have been appointed as the key VR training partner for Mediacorp’s Virtual Reality (VR) Incubator Programme. Over the next 12 months, we will be training more than 70 Mediacorp staff members to plan and produce professional 360 video content.

We will be imparting specialized skills and techniques to the creation of compelling VR content. The accelerated programme will be executed in 2 parts:

Part 1: Masterclass for basic VR literacy – participants will learn basic VR content creation, from storyboarding to post-production.

Part 2: Intensive Labs – participants will undergo intensive hands-on training to produce actual VR content.

The programme actually first started in November 2017 with 30 attendees from the Mediacorp production unit, which included producers, writers, cameraman and editing crew.

By first quarter of 2018, a custom built VR incubator room within the Mediacorp Campus will be set up to showcase VR and AR content created by Mediacorp Studios and other participating VR companies. One of the key missions of the incubator room is to encourage prototyping, meet-ups and experimentation by working with the VR community at large.

Over the next 12 months, Mediacorp Studios will be rolling out at least six pieces of VR content, both scripted and ‘live’ 360 events, to be delivered across all online and social media platforms, as well as the new upcoming Toggle VR player. Two titles ready for the VR experience include Channel 8’s mid-year blockbuster drama Blessings 2 and Toggle Originals Love At Cavenagh Bridge.


Doreen Neo, chief content officer, said, “VR is an emerging technology set to radically change the way media is consumed. It promises consumers an immersive experience and unique interaction on a level of engagement never imagined before. Mediacorp Studios has been producing dramas and variety programmes for more than three decades. Now we want to deliver VR content extended from our popular IPs as well as creating original stories to give viewers the level of engagement and immersive experience which is the current global trend.”

She added, “Internally, we aim to train up to at least 20 in-house VR experts to produce VR content within the next 12 months. We hope to take the lead in creating a robust and vibrant VR industry in Singapore.”

The Cgangs team is definitely looking forward to this journey with Mediacorp. With their reach to the Singapore audience, we are hopeful that more will be aware and be inspired by this technology.